Thursday, December 9, 2010

Review: Dr. Wu Anti-Oxidant Whitening Serum With Fullerene RS™

Product Information: 
DR.WU’s Triple Whitening Formula contains patented fullerene technology, Radical Sponge(RS™), which is 125 times more effective than Vitamin C. 
Anti-oxidant Whitening Serum With Fullerene RS™ not only lightens the skin but also exhibits continuous moisturizing property and proves to be effective in reducing signs of aging such as loss of elasticity, spots, dull and uneven skin tone.
Fullerene RS™– A patented fullerene technology, Radical Sponge (R.S.), which is 125 times more effective than Vitamin C.  R.S. is a superior radical scavenger with unparallel anti-oxidation effect that eliminates free radicals and inhibits UVA-Induced melanin formation(from

I bought this serum as part of a set, with the Anti-Oxidant Whitening Lotion With Fullerene RS™ and a one piece MicroInject Whitening Mask with Fullerene. The price of the set was around S$89.90, so I thought it was quite a good deal. I have read good things about Dr. Wu products especially from urcosme, which is a taiwan-based website. Dr. Wu is a dermatologist from Taiwan and this brand of products seems quite popular there, based on the reviews I have read. 

I like this serum and I definitely think this works better than the Fancl White Essence, which too a long time to work. When I first started using this product, I had a few pimple scars (the dark red/brownish kind, not the pot hole type) to lighten. So I observed them while using this Dr. Wu Anti-Oxidant Whitening Serum With Fullerene RS™ to see if it can speed up the lightening process. And surprisingly it did heal faster than usual. I observed little change in my freckle that I have, but I do know that freckles/pigmentation takes longer or may be impossible to remove with serums alone (the fastest way is laser or IPL). This serum is supposed to be suitable for dull and sensitive skin. I felt no irritation on my skin when I used it. 

How I use: I usually use one pump for the whole face, sometimes an additional half pump if I have scars to lighten. What I do is to first massage in the first pump then use the additional serum as a spot treatment an concentrate it where I need some whitening. 

The Dr. Wu Anti-Oxidant Whitening Serum With Fullerene RS™ absorbs easily, although it is a bit viscous. I think it is on the expensive side for a drugstore brand, so I think it is much cheaper to buy it when they have promotions in sets. I bought mine at a Guardian sale. All in all, I like this serum and I think it works well. But I would only buy it when there is a promotion available.  

*Update: Not all Guardian stores carry this whitening serum. It is available at the Holland Village Guardian.

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