Thursday, November 18, 2010

Review: Fancl White Essence

After writing about my experience with Fancl White Essence, I realised I haven't followed up with a review. That's because I didn't have much to say about this product.

Besides an improved texture - more watery and easier to spread out and absorbs faster, as I mentioned in the post on my experience, the whitening effects were not great. I didn't experience much effects after one bottle and so I moved on to the next product waiting in line for me to try.

I found that red pimple scars healed a bit faster with this Fancl White Essence, which shows that it does work, but it didn't really brighten up my skin tone and did not help with the freckle that I have. The fancl Beauty Advisor was the one who pointed out my freckle to me while doing skin analysis, so I was hoping the Fancl White Essence will help lighten it. I know that my freckle won't disappear with just one bottle but the effects on the whole, was not significant enough for me to want to fork out $61.50 for another bottle.

I have been wanting to try out the Shiseido whitening serum for a while now. It is supposedly the best, but it is so expensive that I have been resisting!

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