Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Experience: New Product - Fancl White Essence

The new Fancl White Essence will be launching tomorrow and some of you wanted to know what the new Fancl White Essence is like. I will provide some initial thoughts on the product but it is not a full review as I have not used it long enough to write a full review.

I attended the launch preview on 16 May and have since tried the Fancl White Essence for a few days. The new version has an emphasis on sustained whitening effect due to the new ingredients like the olive leaf extract and it supposedly works both as a spot treatment as well as an overall whitening treatment, so there is no need for separate products.

Texture-wise, I feel that the new Fancl White Essence is more watery compared to the previous version and more readily absorbed. Regarding the whitening effects, it is too early to tell since it has only been a few days.

The price remains the same at $61.50. So I think price-wise, it is cheaper than many other counter brands and even drugstore brands like Dr Wu whitening serum is slightly more expensive.

I think that by age 20+, freckles and pigmentation will start to appear and this is the crucial timing to start applying whitening products. Despite my diligent application of sunblock daily, my Fancl skin analysis at the launch event showed that I have one freckle. Although it is light, with time and with the horrible hot weather, freckles will darken and grow bigger. So it is important to do whitening as well as protecting your skin from the sun with sunblock to prevent pigmentation from occurring.

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