Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Experience: Watsons Members Preview Sale

Did any of you go for the Watsons Members Preview Sale? I went to the one at Takashimaya and the queue was crazily long! For those who missed the sale, I don't think you missed much. The sale was a 20% + 10% discount, so basically an additional 10% discount on the usual counter brands. I had been eyeing the Dr Wu Whitening serum and the Hyaluronic Acid serum but there were no discounts for this brand so I was quite disappointed. Other than that, I stocked up on Majolica Majorca mascara (I like the Gorgeous Lash Wing) and their liquid eyeliner, Avene Thermal Spring Water (2 for $29.90 - the usual promo price, no added discount), La Posay Roche Anthelios SPF50 sunblock which I have been wanting to try after reading raves on cozycot forum, and other usual drugstore stuff like cotton pads and hair dye.

The place was really crowded and people squeezing around to get to different places, it was quite unpleasant and I thought they should have controlled the number of people going into the shop at any one time. If there are any such subsequent events, I don't think I will make my way down to Takashimaya just to catch this sale, it just made me really tired after that one hour of shopping in Watsons. Perhaps trying other outlets or just buying the products during the 20% sales that occurs once every few months would be sufficient for me.

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