Sunday, August 15, 2010

Review: Fancl Brightening Mist Lotion (Limited Edition)

The Fancl Brightening Mist Lotion I have came with the 2010 Perfect Whitening Kit and the bottle is darker green in colour compared to the Takashimaya Exclusive one available now. The SA I checked with said that contents are the same despite the difference in packaging.

This Fancl Brightening Mist Lotion is supposed to combat dehydration and protect the skin from UV damage. I was doubtful of how this Brightening Mist can help combat UV damage without any SPF in it. So I did some research: according to the Fancl Hong Kong website, there are aloe vera extract and other extracts that help hydrate, suppress dark melanin, and soothe the skin. So technically it combats UV damage not by blocking out UV rays like sunblock but helps to soothe the damage. I think the best protection is still sunscreen so do not rely on this Brightening Mist Lotion for protection.

I have finished my bottle of the Fancl Brightening Mist Lotion and frankly, there are not no effects visible.I did not experience any whitening effects. It gives moderate hydration but little effects otherwise.

I use this whenever my skin feels dry but it manages to hydrate my skin for a while but it becomes tight after a while. So I think this is a handy mist to carry around for emergency situations when you do not have any moisturiser on hand, but not a lasting solution to dehydrated skin.

I usually use this as part of my skincare routine at night. I spray a few times after spreading my whitening essence then use the moisture from the mist to massage the essence in a second time. I do this because sometimes I find that the essence does not get fully absorbed but gets dried up on my skin instead.

Since this Brightening Mist Lotion is said to protect from UV damage and because no one uses UV protection/sunscreen at night, I usually spray a few pumps after my last skincare step, just to use it as protection from the UV rays from the lights and computer screen. Although I am doubtful of its efficacy, I use it merely for a piece of mind.

All in all, I would not pay the price of $29.50 for another bottle of this Fancl Brightening Mist Lotion as I find it similar to other sprays in the market and I rather stick to my Avene Thermal Spring Water. I would buy/use it if it comes with another Perfect Whitening Kit.

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