Sunday, August 1, 2010

Review: The Face Shop Salon Effect Pearl Collagen Mask Powder

I bought The Face Shop Salon Effect Pearl Collagen Mask Powder thinking how nice it would be to have a salon style mask that I can use at home. I was hoping that it would give me the same experience as I usually have at facial salons. I was disappointed

This mask is difficult to use. I didn't use a bowl to mix my mask in as I didn't want to sacrifice yet another bowl for my facial products. This was a bad decision. I tried mixing the mask and water on my palm and it seemed like I was kneading dough. By the time I could properly spread the mask over my face, it was partially dried on my palm. I made a mental note to use a bowl the next time and it was as difficult to mix as before.

The biggest rant is not on how hard it is to mix the mask powder with water, but the fact the moment I spread the mask onto my skin, I felt immediate stinging sensation. The mask dried very fast so I peeled it off and the stinging was gone. But I could feel the stinging sensation the whole time it was on my skin.

I would not recommend this mask for anyone with sensitive skin. Firstly, due to the stinging as I mentioned above and secondly, because of a very strong perfume smell. Perfume usually causes irritation for those with sensitive skin and I think it is not worth trying this mask if you have sensitive skin.

Effects wise, when I removed the mask, my skin felt slightly smoother. And it was also red, not because it gave me radiance but redness due to the stinging.

I don't think I will purchase this again. It is not as cheap as masks that give me better results. The Face Shop Raspberry Slim & Lift Collagen Eye Patch is a much better buy than this Salon Effect Pearl Collagen Mask Powder.


  1. I'm having this mask on my face right now, and I kinda regret getting this too. Did not do any research on it and just got my friend to get it from me when she was in Korea.

    I used a bowl to mix it, not knowing how much water to add or how much powder as well. Ended up wasting one whole packet of powder and I can't even store in the fridge for future use. =(

    It dries in seconds too, but thankfully, I don't have any stinging sensations. It does feel very uncomfortable on my face though.

  2. i've been using it and it works well for me. i do have sensitive skin and have used masks before.

    it is unwise to mix the powder with water on your hand. it should always be in a bowl so you could adjust the amount of water and powder to make a good paste.

    the stinging sensation means the mixture is drying on your face. i think you have put more powder that's why it felt hard on ur face right away.

    it does not have any strong smell. i wonder where the perfume smell you are talking about comes from.

    anyway, i like this product! :)


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