Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Skincare-holic's Skincare Tip #6

After you massage in your moisturiser/last skincare step, it is good to rub your hands together to warm your palms then press it onto your skin. The warmth will help in absorption of your skincare products and also to stimulate blood circulation, which will give you more radiant skin. I find this step very soothing and relaxing, so I really like doing this as it helps make your products more effective by aiding absorption.

I first do this at the cheek area, then the forehead and chin and lastly around the eyes. Because the warmth helps blood circulation, if you use it around the eye area, it can help relieve a bit of your dark eye circles.

Remember when you do this around your cheeks, forehead areas, do an upward movement. So slightly lift your skin then hold it there and allow the warmth stay on your skin for a while. This action will help with lifting your skin and preventing sagging.

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