Monday, March 29, 2010

Oil Cleansers

There are so many brands of oil cleansers in the market nowadays and so many different types of oil cleansers, but do all of us suit oil cleansers?

For some, oil cleansers cause break outs or increase in clogged pores. I suffered that before. One of the reasons behind this is because oil cleansers contain emulsifiers - an ingredient that causes the oil to become milky upon contact with water so that we can wash the oil off easily. The emulsifier can potentially clog our pores and cause breakouts.

That is what happened to me but I still prefer to use oil cleansers than milk cleansers to remove my make up and sunscreen. Reason being, oil cleansers give me a cleaner feel. With milk cleansers, I have to repeatedly use cotton pads to remove my make up and it gives me a sense of not having clean skin.

So how do I choose oil cleansers that will suit my skin? Consider whether the oil cleanser has reduced risk of clogging pores by checking the label to see if it is non-comedogenic. One example will be Shu Uemura's cleansing oil. One thing good about Shu Uemura is you can cloose the type of oil cleanser to use depending on your skin type. One drawback is that it contains mineral oil. Something that I usually avoid as it is also reputed to cause breakouts.

Do consider the texture of the oil and if it emulsifies thoroughly without leaving any oily residue. And most importantly, always cleanse with a normal facial cleanser after using an oil cleanser. Double cleansing is important to ensure that your skin is thoroughly clean from oil and dirt.

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