Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Experience: My Skin and the Hot Weather

Is the heatwave affecting any of you? The constantly hot and humid weather is becoming more and more unbearable and the effects on my skin is now visible.

Recently, I started to develop really dehydrated skin. This is something quite rare for my usually combination skin. My cheeks became really dry and sensitive - putting on certain products made my skin have a stinging sensation. I tried using Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief as a quite 5 minute moisture mask (as stated in the instructions on the product) but my skin reacted with burning sensation and redness. Fortunately, my skin was soothed using Neutrogena Deep Hydrating Mask. In fact, my skin was so dry that it soaked up the mask essence so quickly that I removed the mask in less than 10 minutes. My skin was also quite receptive to My Beauty Diary masks so I was quite relieved. 

On top of being dry, my skin had more oil clogs and developed some pimples. So i had dehydrated oily skin, which I think is a difficult combination skin type. I tried using deep cleansing clay mask to absorb excess oil as well as hydrating mask to put back the moisture. 

Besides all these skincare products, I tried to drink a lot of water and cut down on my caffeine intake. Caffeine also dehydrates the skin and by doing so really helped to make my skin less dry.

Our skin changes with the weather and climate and it is very important to change our skincare and diet habits to suit the changes in our skin. It is good to observe our skin regularly to be able to detect any changes and act on it before our skin worsens.

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