Sunday, January 31, 2010

Skincare-holic's Beautiful Skin Tip #1

For long term delaying of skin aging, apply sunblock everyday to all parts of your face - this includes your eyelids and undereye area. Always apply an additional layer to the area around your cheekbones/cheek area as these are the highest points of your face and the areas that are most prone to pigmentation. Don't forget your neck! Neck lines are also reflective of your age, they tell as much about you as your face wrinkles.

Always wait for 20 mins before applying make up/ leaving the house as the sunblock needs to settle onto your skin to provide adequate protection. Also, use a minimum SPF15 and above. I usually use SPF 30/PA+++ for high UVA and UVB protection.

The sun's UVB rays cause sunburn but it is the UVA rays that cause skin aging and wrinkles. Protect your skin today, everyday!

You might not see the results now, but you will be thankful for your diligence 10 years later when you look younger than all your peers.

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