Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Update to Biobeauty Advanced Hydrating Eye Freshening Gel

An update to my skin condition due to Niu Er's Biobeauty Advanced Hydrating Eye Freshening Gel HA玻尿酸清新眼凝露. On Day 2, my skin at the undereye area became worse - more swollen and the area of redness became much bigger. Everything and anything that I put on hurt and the only thing that did not hurt was cotton pads soaked in Avene Thermal Water. So I went to see the doctor before it got any worse..

It was diagnosed as acute dermatitis due to allergy to certain ingredient in the eye gel. But I no longer have the ingredients list, so I have to be very careful in future and do a patch test before applying any product. After applying the medicine my skin is better but still very red. I'm hoping it will recover soon! Thanks for everyone's concern! =)

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