Friday, November 20, 2009

Review: Beaute de Kose White Succeed Moisturizer L

I have just finished this bottle of Beaute de Kose White Succeed Moisturizer L and I will now do a review on this moisturizer.

Texture: Light lotion based moisturiser that leaves an oily sheen on my face. (I will share how I counter the oiliness below). I like that it is not overly thick or rich as it will feel uncomfortable in the humid Singapore climate.

Scent: The scent was quite strong and needed a little getting used to. The smell stopped bothering me after a few days of usage. It is a little difficult to describe the scent as it does not have a natural smelling fragrance - sort of a flowery citrus scent

Absorption: As it is in a fluid/lotion form, absorption is quick but leaves some oiliness of my skin but is not a problem for me.

Whitening Effects: I use this in combination with my BioBeauty Ellagic Acid whitening Essence, but I am more inclined to say that Moisturiser L has not much whitening effects. As concentrations for whitening ingredients are not as high as in serums/essences.

Moisture: I have combination skin, so this moisturiser is adequate in providing moisture for my skin. I like that even though it is a lotion, it does not leavemy cheek area feeling dry.

As mentioned in my previous post, I like to DIY my moisturiser so that I can customise them to include ingredients like Rose Hip Oil and Hyaluronic Acid, which I adore in skincare. This White Succeed Moisturizer L serves as a good base for adding a drop or two of Rose Hip Oil, the Rose Hip Oil combines very easily into this moisturizer and effectively making my moisturiser an anti-aging, whitening moisturiser!

I briefly mentioned above that this White Succeed Moisturiser L leaves an oily sheen behind, and what I do to combat this is by using PEARL POWDER. I wrote about how I like to use pearl powder in an older post. Currently, I mix pearl powder into Niu Er's BeautyDIY Rose Floral Water Calming Spray (pictured above) and use it as a second last step of my skincare, to emulsify my rose hip oil to aid in better absorption and at the same time, pearl powder will make my skin matt, getting rid of any sheen on my face. My last skincare step is a night sleeping mask.

Rate: 3.7/5   Sufficient as a moisturiser but easily replaced by other moisturisers.

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