Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Jill Stuart Gold and Platinum Illuminance Mix Blush Compact

Really really pretty!! Gold Illuminance, when mixed, is pink with slight gold undertones. It's a very sweet colour. When applied, looks like you're blushing, shy pink colour. Platinum Illuminance is a slightly darker pink but still lovely! The third Jill Stuart mix blush compact is Hot Cherry, which gives a healthy red glow on your cheeks. Great buys along with my MAC Sonic Chic.

Differences between this LE Illuminance collection would be the outer casing with pretty lace designs/imprints. The blush Brush attached also has more elaborate designs though not too clear in the pic. The shimmery lace design on the blush pan plumps up the princess factor and makes the compact more lovely! Though those lace are more like overlays and will disappear after use, it still makes the pan a lovely sight to behold. =)

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