Monday, July 28, 2008

Sensitive to sunscreen?

I just switched to using Avene high protection emulsion SPF 50+. And why did i do that? I recently bought the new neutrogena sunblock - neutrogena ultra sheer dry touch sunblock spf50+ (pa+++). I was so happy cos this sunblock promises a dry, non-oily feel that most sunblocks don't have. BUT after applying it on my face, there was a strong stinging feeling on my skin and my skin started burning and becoming red. I don't know if I am allergic to something but the same thing happened when i used the Lancester whitening sunblock, which is why i switched to Avene which is for sensitive skin.

I am not even able to use the Olay total effects day cream which contains spf 15. It will cause some stinging, even though not as bad as the neutrogena one. I hope my skin isn't becoming sensitive to a certain ingredient in sunblocks.

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