Monday, September 19, 2011

Review: Laneige Multi Cleanser

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4-in-1 multi cleanser with papain enzymes, removes makeup, removes sunscreen, cleanses and exfoliates skin.

I use this cleanser on days when I am lazy to double cleanse - days when all I have on is a layer of sunscreen and don't want to go through the oil cleanser, face wash regime. This cleanser saves time as it can remove my sunscreen and cleanse at the same time. (When I use makeup, I will still use an oil cleanser.) Do note that sunscreen has to be removed using a makeup remover. If you are using a water-proof/water resistant sunscreen, I'd still suggest using an oil cleanser.

This cleanser foams well and cleanses well. My skin is left clean with no tight of dry feeling. I did not feel any skin irritation or sensitivity. The exfoliation is very mild and after foaming I can hardly feel anything. It is the papain enzyme that is responsible for the exfoliation and is gentle enough for daily use.  The scent is not over-powering and is a nice refreshing scent that I like. Those who are sensitive to fragrances might have to be more careful though.

Price-wise, I think it is reasonable at $33 for 180ml, almost the same price as my other Avene cleansers.

All in all, a good all-in-one cleanser perfect for the lazy day or days when you get home so late you just want to quickly cleanse your skin and go to bed.

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  1. Hello! I've been using this as a night cleanser after Fancl MCO to ensure that there is no makeup or sunscreen left on my skin. This is a good cleanser which really serves its purpose because I have been having a tough time removing my Fancl sunscreen.


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