Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Skincare Wishlist: Avene & Therapeutic Dermatologic Formula

I have been browsing through hospital pharmacies (NUH) and their websites (CGH and TTSH) for good deals as there seems to be a lot of promotions going on. I have been wanting to get some AHA/BHA products and something with Retinoids (over the counter for anti-aging) as my skin is not in bad shape to warrant a visit to a dermatologist.

I have decided to invest in Avene skincare products again. I tried a few a few years back but wasn't impressed so this time I'm hoping they will deliver. I have been comparing products and studying their ingredients as well as reading up on reviews and finally decided on these.

Avene Soapless Gel Cleanser
Avene Gentle Purifying Scrub
Avene Moisturising Lotion (maybe not, seems like it's mainly thermal water)
Avene Cleanance K Cream-Gel
Avene Eluage Cream (I wanted Ystheal+ Emulsion but Avene doesn't carry this in Sg)

I intend to alternate between Cleanance K and Eluage for night use only.

I have (un)fortunately also set my eyes on the Therapeutic Dermatological Formulations C Scape Serum, which is a 10% Vitamin C serum. For anti-aging collagen formation, anti-oxidant, and skin lightening.

(I really can't resist not buying more skincare goodies to try out!)


  1. I am on my 7th tube of the Soapless Gel Cleanser and I must say it never fails to deliver. Despite being soapless, it still cleanses quite well.
    As for the purifying scrub...a more powerful scrub might do the work better compared to this.

  2. Correction to my earlier comment: I have been using the Avene Soapless Forming Gel.

  3. Thanks for the recommendation! Now I really want to try the Avene Soapless foaming gel. I bought the Avene Deep Pore Cleanser instead as it was in a promotion pack with Cleanance K. I will try the Soapless Foaming Gel after I'm done with this one! =)


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