Monday, November 15, 2010


fang: Hi, depends on what you are looking for. Hydrating? Whitening? I like Kose sekkisei lotion but I have stopped using it as I regularly try new products. I have not tried the supreme line as it seems quite rich for my skin.

Joann: Hi, for hydration, i like anything with hyaluronic acid. Hada Labo hydrating lotion works well and is quite cheap as the big bottle lasts a long time. Toner: I like clinique clarifying lotion as it removes excess dirt and oil well due to the exfoliating properties. For serums, i think estee lauder's advanced night repair is not bad. I think the Neutrogena Hydrating Mask is good too. I usually buy this in bulk when I see this on sale at Watsons for S$1.95 each. I don't have HGs, I continue trying new products to find my HG but my only HG is fancl's washing powder as it cleanses well and is not harsh on the skin.

iris, ping, sharon: I don't sell the niu er dead sea mud mask. I buy it from payeasy spree online. I bought from her several times and she is quite reliable. I urge you to buy it from reliable sellers as someone commented on my blog that certain sellers sell poor quality products.

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