Saturday, September 11, 2010

Interesting Reads: Article on Eye Creams

I found an article on eye creams by Consumer Reports. It is the same magazine that analysed anti-wrinkle face creams and found that Olay Regenerist  was the top performing cream, ousting top and expensive brands Lancome, RoC and La Prairie Cellula.

In Sep 2009, they were at it again and got some research done on anti-wrinkle eye creams. Again, price was not a determinant for effectiveness and many drugstore brands performed better than higher-end counter brands! I was surprised that Consumer Reports included face moisturisers as the control group and the Simple brand moisturiser (for face) performed really well! Overall, the Report noted very little improvement for all eye creams after 6 weeks, which dampens my hopes on eye creams really working to reduce wrinkles. Prevention is better than cure!! The article includes 7 preventive tips!

I read in another separate report that many skin experts have said that there is no need for a separate eye cream as the formulations of both face and eye creams are very similar as both require the same ingredients for effectiveness, yet the eye cream can cost as much as the face cream but sold as a tiny bottle, usually only 15ml.

I have pasted an excerpt below, please click the link to read the full article: :

Despite marketing hype, most experts say general moisturizing eye creams just aren't essential. For instance, Ellen Marmur, dermatologist and chief of dermatologic and cosmetic surgery at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, says, "The basic moisturizers individuals use on their face often have the same formulation -- and many of the same ingredients of general eye creams." Paula Begoun agrees, saying that "product formulations for moisturizing eye creams typically don't differ from those of general moisturizing facial products." She explains the only difference is often the product's price and the size of its container. Another issue is that while all-over facial moisturizers often contain sunscreen, few eye creams do. In fact, of the dozens of eye cream brands covered in this report, only five of them contain sunscreen. Many experts find this ironic since most studies show sun damage is the leading cause of skin damage. If your eye cream does not contain sunscreen, consider using a foundation or concealer that does. In general, the only time a separate eye moisturizer is needed is when the eye area has a different skin type or is experiencing a separate ailment than the rest of the face, Begoun says. For example, a person may have oily facial skin and dry skin around the eyes -- or suffer from dark under-eye circles.
Enjoy reading! And share your thoughts about eye creams with me!

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