Sunday, June 27, 2010

Review: Laneige Perfect Renew Dual Touch Eyes

Product information (from laneige sg website):
This eye protector provides innovative and dual eye care: one for day use and the other, for night. It stimulates blood circulation reducing dark-eye circles as well as revitalizes fatigue and dry eye areas with apparent reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.
The day eye Perfect Renew Cream with SPF25/PA++ protects eye areas from UVA and UVB rays and also helps regain firmness, elasticity (with beta-glucan which stimulates collagen formation) and vitality. Gold Pearl powder brightens eye areas as it smoothens and softens.
Dual Touch Eyes night Gel though light, works overtime to provide hydration with anti-aging properties. An anti-wrinkle and anti-sagging protector, eye area is optimally moisturized, firmed (Chlorella eliminates excess water and waste to reduce puffiness) and looks youthful (thanks to toniskin, a yeast extract). Wake up to bright sparkling eyes.

My Review:

I really wanted to like the Laneige Perfect Renew Dual Touch Eyes but it didn't turn out as good an eye cream as I hoped it would be. I will review the two eye creams separately.

I decided to try the Laneige Perfect Renew Dual Touch Eyes because I really liked the idea of  the day eye Perfect Renew Eye Cream with SPF25/PA++. Some brands of sunblock I own have alcohol in them, which can be drying for the eye area. So I usually avoid using sunblock at the eye area when there is alcohol in them but I feel uneasy with my eye area being exposed to UV rays which cause aging. The idea of having a specialised Day eye cream with UV protection appealed to me and i bought one to try

I find that the Laneige Perfect Renew Dual Touch Eyes day cream is a bit on the oily side and requires some patting in before it is fully absorbed. I notice that the end of the day, it made my eye area look cakey with my make up on. I also wonder how much sun protection I am getting with the little eye cream that is used. I think we all already know that a certain amount of sunscreen has to be applied to give adequate protection, so a thin layer of this eye cream might not be enough. 

The effects of this Laneige Perfect Renew Dual Touch Eyes Day Cream SPF25/PA++ is not as described in the product information above. It did not help with my dark eye circles, nor did it help with my fine lines. It does brighten the eye area a bit but it is superficial brightening due to the pearl ingredient. My eye area looked as before once face is cleansed.

The Laneige Perfect Renew Dual Touch Eyes Night Gel is even more disappointing. The product information above says that it is light. But to me, it is not light at all and quite oily as well as sticky after I pat it into my skin. It takes a while to be absorbed and that is not all - it caused small pimples at my eye area. The pimples are those tiny kind that pops out when a cream is too rich for your skin. It really surprised me as this is the first time I developed such small zits at the eye area. And to make sure that it really is caused by Laneige Perfect Renew Dual Touch Eyes, I tried it on many different occasions once the small zits recovered. But the zits appeared consistently. It got better when I reduced the amount I used but then my eye area did not feel moisturised enough. 

I think that the price of this Laneige Perfect Renew Dual Touch Eyes is quite high for a product that does not deliver results for me. Although I note that it is 15ml + 15ml, which is double that of eye creams from other brands. I would rather Laneige sell 7.5ml + 7.5ml and at a cheaper price, so I would not feel so much of a heartpain knowing that it does not suit me and does not work. I will not repurchase this eye cream again.


  1. Thanks for the thorough review of this product, I was thinking of getting it, but since I have combo skin, it's best to leave it for now!

  2. You're welcome! I hope you find it useful! =)

  3. May I know how much this one costs? I just bought Laneige water sleeping mask_ex and I absolutely love it. So,I am thinkning of buying another Laneige products.

  4. Hi, I believe it costs around S$90 in singapore. I am not too sure as I bought mine from korea.

  5. I was lucky enough to get a sample of the duo. It lasts for at least a week & that is with heavy use. I suggest going this route before purchasing. I have combo skin as well & I love this duo. I will be purchasing this product! I live in the USA. I'm sure skincare counters in other countries offer this sample, if requested.


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