Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Review: La Mer The Radiant Infusion

Product information (from La Mer website):
This high-potency treatment infuses the skin with a cascade of activity to deliver extreme radiance, clarity, pore-minimizing and tone on demand.
The Radiant Infusion's vital ingredients - ionizing sea salts, Radiant Ferments and super anti-oxidants - are suspended within a radical, fluid architecture. Expanding and contracting as necessary, the mesh-like sea gel works with La Mer's exclusive Deconstructed Waters™ to deliver extraordinary activity.
Immediately, skin looks bright and refreshed. Pores that may have lost their integrity look tightened and refined, toning the skin's appearance. A natural source of electrolytes essential to the body's well-being, ionizing sea salts work in The Radiant Infusion to release a flood of beneficial negative ions, immediately energizing the skin and awakening a healthy, more vital and luminous appearance.
Augmented with La Mer's exclusive Lime Tea and a super anti-oxidant cocktail, a combination of Radiant Ferments works to prevent the appearance of future discoloration, helping skin discover a refreshed, renewed, radiant life.

My Review:

I didn't think that this product worked wonders for me. The product description said skin looks bright and radiant immediately but that did not happen for me. Despite finishing the bottle, it still did not look like my pores were minimised. I thought that this La Mer Radiant Infusion was like an expensive additional step that did little for me. I did appreciate that there are anti-oxidants in The Radiant Infusion, which are always a good thing to have in any product.

This product supposedly is a pre-serum step. And I think it works to boost the performance of the serum/creme but I also think it has some astringent properties due to the alcohol.

This product has alcohol denat as the third ingredient, so those concerned with alcohol or with sensitive skin should not choose this product. I have experienced some redness when my skin is more sensitive than usual. The Hydrating Infusion will be a more recommended product if you have sensitive skin.

The price of La Mer The Radiant Infusion is $195 and I thought that the effects didn't match the price tag. I think I might have gotten more out of a serum of the same price. I doubt I will purchase this again.


  1. It's $95 not $195.

  2. Hi, it is USD95, but it is sold at S$195 in Singapore, where I am located. =)


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