Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Experience: Fancl TenseUp EX

I have been drinking Fancl TenseUp EX for the past 2 years. But because consuming such beauty supplements require long term consumption I will not be writing a review. I will write about my experience in consuming the Fancl TenseUp EX.

I don't believe in overnight effects of drinking collagen drinks, so I am wary when people say that they see effects after one bottle. I find that it is a bit exaggerated. I saw some effects of Fancl TenseUp EX after about one month (3 boxes). I find one month is a good test of whether supplements work as our skin renewal process takes one month.

My fine lines were not plumped up and my pores were not minimised, as some people claimed. For me, I find that ny skin looked brighter, more radiant and even toned. My skin looked presentable even with only sunblock and no makeup.

I got lazy after a while as there were no more effects on my skin and started drinking less often after one year. But because I bought many boxes at one go to stock up during the Isetan Private Sale, I started drinking Fancl TenseUp EX regularly again. This was when I observed the effects I described above more significantly. I noticed that the next morning after I drank a bottle of Fancl TenseUp EX, my skin looked better than when I did not. I wondered whether I was imagining things but I found that it happened consistently.

I have a few Fancl Beauty Advisors whom I always look for and purchase my supplies from them, and I was chatting with one of them the other day and realised that she has no undereye wrinkles despite being in her early 30s. She said that she drank Tenseup for almost 10 years and even though you don't see the effects now, you will see it when you are older and you compare yourself to others your age.

Some people say that after drinking collagen, it gets digested, breaks down into other components and may not form collagen in our body. Others say that it gets digested and collagen will be distributed to all over out body to wherever requires collagen, which includes our facial skin. Whether it works or not, there are still arguments about it, but I will still drink it cos I think there is a difference when I drink it.

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