Thursday, May 6, 2010

Feeling threatened by spa

Readers who follow my blog should know that a month ago, I wrote about my experience at a certain spa at Orchard Central. It was obviously a bad experience for me and I came here to rant about it. Well, they tracked me down and are threatening to take legal action against me. I was so tired of corresponding with them as they were questioning my honesty and now they are going to this extent. I don't see any meaning in going head on against them but I don't think I did anything illegal. It seems like there is no such thing as freedom of speech with such things going on.

Anyway, thanks to those who read my blog daily. I guess you guys know very well what I am talking about. To those who left me comments when I published that post, thank you.

Update: It was comforting to read this:
 They also threatened legal action within 24 hours. The featured restaurant only got more negative media as the whole issue was published in the Straits Times, New Paper and Shin Min Daily.


  1. wow that is completley obsurd! why can't you post about a bad experience you had? did they have a reasonable explanation for the angst you had to go thru as a client? you were the victim here, don't let them turn that around on you!

  2. hey, i totally agree with the above comment. i can't imagine that there is still such unprofessional standards. shouldnt all businesses try to take negative criticisms constructively and improve their service standards?

    maybe your case will get published in the papers too, about bad customer service!


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