Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Original BB Cream: Dr. Schrammek Blemish Balm

The BB cream (also known as blemish balm) is a popular makeup cum skincare product that is gaining popularity around Asia and beyond. The craze started when Korean Artistes started to use this BB cream for flawless skin. The original BB cream was said to have originated from Germany and used as a post-laser care to cover up redness and promote healing. I decided to do some research to find the original BB cream, since there were so many brands of Korean BB creams, it was difficult to know which one really had skincare benefits.

I found the german based doctor brand, Dr. med. Christine Schrammek and I think this is the original BB cream which was to be used for red blemished skin. I read some raves about this product from people who suffer from acne. Coverage is also said to be good. But this brand of BB cream does not come cheap at all. Unlike many brands of Korean BB creams that can be purchased for S$15 in Korea (for example Etude House, Missha) or even more expensive brands like BRTC or Dr Jart, this Dr. Schrammek BB cream comes at a hefty price of US$55-60 for a mere 30ml. It's also nice that this comes in 4 shades, unlike many BB creams that only some in one colour. I am looking forward to trying this product if I manage to get my hand on this.

Update: I have gotten a tube of this BB cream. Please read my review here:

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  1. Hi! I liked your post. Mind if I cite this as a source in my blog?

  2. Dear Bloggers,
    The BB cream originated from Gemany and Korean BB is a duplicate from them. You can not compare price like that (Because the quality is much different). However you can get some Original/Genuine Ones at very fair prices ($38.00/30 ml and $52..00/50 ml) at the folloing link:

    I am very happy to shop from this site and save some $$$ also


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