Thursday, November 26, 2009

Review: Sato Hakubi C Gel

The Sato Hakubi C Gel contains magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (a Vit C derivative) to prevent spots and freckles caused by sunburn and contain Dipotassium Glycyyrrhizate (Licorice root extract) to sooth sunburn skin. It is non-greasy and non-sticky. This Hakubi C gel can help prevent spots caused by sunburn, firm and condition skin, sooth redness and sunburnt skin, maintaining healthy skin and replenishes moisture to skin.

I studied the ingredients list of this Hakubi C Gel and found that it has quite simple ingredients, I say simple because it has only 14 ingredients of the list compared to the very long where I won't bother counting. The second ingredient is Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate which is, as mentioned, a Vit C derivative and the gel supposedly contains 6% of Vit C derivative. The third ingredient is Disodium EDTA, which supporters of natural products say causes toxicity to animals, but is widely used in skincare products to prevent deterioration, so basically like a preservative. Besides Vit C, the next active ingredient Dipotassium Glycyyrrhizate is way down the list (fifth last ingredient), it is basically licorice root extract but Sato Pharm put the scientific name instead. Skincare lovers like myself should know that licorice is good for brightening and soothing the skin, which explains why the Hakubi C gel claims to sooth sunburnt skin. The last ingredient is Sodium Hyaluronate (which is the much loved Hyaluronic Acid, the wonder moisturising ingredient) but being the second last ingredient, and perfume being the third last, there is really very little of it. Plus, some people might prefer a perfume-free skincare product.

Ok, I hope I didnt bore you with the science behind this product. I did that cos of the strong interest in Hakubi C gel which I bought to complement my intake of Sato Hakubi White C (read Review here). The company claimed an inside and out approach to whitening, which I thought sounded good. Plus they sold the Hakubi C gel as a package with Hakubi White C pills.

My verdict:  Despite the 6% Vit C content, I find that perhaps other whitening products which have a variety of whitening and brightening ingredients that work in synergy together can bring about better results. My old and very stubborn pimple scars (the dark reddish/brownish kind) did not fade much with the usage of this gel. I would recommend the Hakubi C gel for people after having prolonged sun exposure or sun burn due to the soothing properties, otherwise, I might not repurchase the Hakubi C Gel.

Update: I squeezed a little too much out and spread all of it on my face, and the Hakubi C gel started to feel and smell like glue. My face became really very sticky and my palms could almost stick to my face, pulling my skin up with it when i try to remove it. When the gel dried out, my face felt like there was a layer of dried film of glue on it. The same feeling when you have glue on your hands. I definitely will not recommend this gel anymore.

Price: $39, when sold individually, $68 when purchased in a set with Hakubi White C pills.

Rate: 3.5 2/5   Good for sunburnt skin, whitens (Vit C), soothes(Licorice) and moisturises(Hyaluronic)    Felt like I put glue on my face.

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