Friday, November 13, 2009

Am I allergic to Prevage?

I just tried a sample of the PREVAGE eye anti-aging moisturising treatment. I asked the counter lady whether Idebenone will cause any allergic reaction (as I read a lot of reviews saying they had allergic reactions to prevage) but the lady said she hasn't heard of anyone with an allergic reaction to prevage and that it must have been the medical range which has 1% Idebenone, not prevage which has only 0.5% Idebenone. That was what the counter lady repeatedly stressed. I knew she didn't know what she was talking about and so so wrong, so I asked for a sample to try.
(Note: as long as you are allergic to something, the smallest amount will cause a reaction!)

As usual, the Elizabeth Arden counter as with many other counters in Singapore, was reluctant to give me one, but I must have seemed sincere so she gave me one. I read that I should do a patch test, but given the small sachet size (and with some prayers that I won't be the unlucky one) I tried the eye cream at my eye area.

Nothing happened for a while but after that my eyes started to have a swelling sensation. It's the same feeling I have when I drink alcohol (which I also suspect I am allergic to but did not officially check with a doctor). So I quickly washed my eye area and sprayed Avene thermal water hoping to soothe my skin. My eyes didnt swell to the extend that seemed dangerous, but I kept my eyes closed as I felt discomfort. After a nap, I felt better. But I suspect I may be allergic to Idebenone, the active ingredient in Prevage.

I surfed the net for more information and found out that many people have allergic reactions and some after 10 days of applying the product. Some people had swollen eyes and facial skin developed hives and even scaly skin. I am officially scared and I have decided not to use the prevage range.

Prevage is currently having a promotion, a 4 piece Prevage eye set with 1 retail sized eye cream, 1 travel size anti-aging treatment and 1 travel sized eye cream for $199. It is really worth it as the price of Prevage eye cream alone is $186. But I have decided against using the Prevage range.

I urge all my readers to be really careful in monitoring your skin condition when using Prevage. Please carry out an allergy patch test before risking anything on your face. It would be good to carry out the patch test for a week until you are extremely sure nothing bad will happen to your face. Many people would do anything for the sake of beauty, but do not risk your skin or life!

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