Sunday, June 22, 2008

Skinfood Snow Tea Mask Sheet Review

I tried the Skinfood snow tea mask sheet today, $5 for one. And my review is.. i don't like it. A few seconds after putting it on, my eyes started feeling uncomfortable, with a stinging sensation. So i checked the ingredients list, alcohol was the 4th ingredient. Well, the SA said alcohol is present as a preservative but it is too high a content in this mask sheet. Also, the mask sheet is in such an odd shape. the cutting isn't good and the area around the nose is cut in a strange manner that the mask doesnt cover nicely, unlike the neutrogena mask. One more point, the essence is sticky, which, according to niu er lao shi, means that the essense isn't very pure and they added chemical stuff in to make the essence thicker, cos things like hyaluronic acid is watery. The mask dries out v fast also. Don't think i will repurchase, especially since the effects aren't very obvious either.. Results: my face isn't brightened as it claims (I exfoliated before so no reason why it shouldn't work) , not very moisturised, just very sticky. VERY STICKY. strange.

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