Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Review: Shiseido Black & White Masks

A couple of months ago there was this big craze for the shiseido black and white masks online. After seeing the huge quantities people were purchasing, i decided to buy a few to try. I bought both the white and black kind, and i can say with 90% confidence that these are fakes. Well, a check with sheseido's website shows that there isn't such a product sold at their counters. And, those whitening and what not properties that they claim the masks have are all ... well, non-existant

My review of the 'shiseido' black and white masks.

The black and white are exactly the same, just different colour. Some people claim white is for the whole face, while the black is for the nose or t zone areas. Both are just as painful when peeling off and both are just terribly messy! Masks get all over your hands and because one packet can be used twice, keeping it is a hassle. I got black stuff stuck in between my acrylic nail art. Imagine black stuff between the flowers. I had such a hard time washing them off. Also, hardly any blackheads were pulled off. It looked nothing like the picture where it was full of blackheads! What a disappointment. After all that pain, there wasn't even any good results. It was jus money ill spent. So save your money and buy the kose exfoliating massage gel instead, think that is a better investment.

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