Friday, June 27, 2008

CHRISTIAN DIOR Dior Snow Sublissime Visible Whitening Essence Mask.

My review! Love it!

I've been using Olay(useless), neutrogena(good) and Garnier(alright) whitening masks cos it's cheaper but according to Da S, a good whitening mask should have immediate results. So I purchased the dior snow whitening essence mask. Retailing at $115 for 6 masks, i got mine for $11 each from a blogger.

I think this works much better than garnier and neutrogena! I feel like my complexion lightened and very much moisturised! =) Usually masks like olay or garnier for whitening will not moisturise your skin so i have to do both a deep hydrating mask so that whitening essence can be absorbed. But this mask provides both and makes my face feel softer. I love it! Shall use Diorsnow until my budget disallows me to.

By the way, i think this works faster than eating Sato Hakubi C2 pills.

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